ArtOfTest.Common Namespace

Progress Software Corporation - Testing Framework 2018.1 Automation Infrastructure
Namespace for the common set of functions and API's that are used by all ArtOfTest products.

Public classAddProjectReference
Indicates to the designer to add a reference to this assembly when generating a code behind file.
Public classBaseTreeBuilderT
This class builds the a strongly-typed markup elements tree.
Public classCompareUtils
Class to provide the most commonly used comparison types the framework can incorporate into a test.
Public classDateTimeFormatHelper
Public classDispatcherFactory
Provides common dispatchers.
Public classFindClause
Represents an atomic search expression i.e foo=~bar
Public classFindExpressionT
Holds the definition of a Find Expression.
Public classFindSpecialChars
List of special characters that FindExpressions and FindParams recognize.
Public classGenericEventArgsT
Public classHierarchyConstraint
A Hierarchy constraint can be used to constraint the FindExpression match to a specific hierarchy setup.
Public classHistogram
Public classMUI
Public classParsedElement
Class that represents a markup element that is being parsed. This is the intermediate state between raw text of the mark-up and the fully parsed, strongly typed Element object that represents it
Public classPixelMap
Public classTreeCrawlerT, V, R
Crawls an element hierarchy tree.
Public classUtils
Class to provide simple functions for the rest of the framework.
Public classWaitAsync
Enables asynchronized waiting on custom conditions
Public classWaitCompleteEventArgs
Wait complete event args.
Public classWaitResult
Represents a wait result.
Public classWaitSync
Waits Synchronously for a condition.

Public interfaceIAutomationHost
Implemented by automation hosts that contain ITargetElement.
Public interfaceIAutomationHostState
Public interfaceIFindExpression
Interface implemented by all FindExpression.
Public interfaceISupportSearchHost
Implemented by hosts that support search
Public interfaceITargetElement
Represents a target element for a specific technology.
Public interfaceITestRegion
A test region interface definition.

Public enumerationActionPointUnitType
The action point unit type.
Public enumerationFindCompareType
The different types of string compares the framework supports.
Public enumerationFindOperators
List of find operators used in FindExpressions
Public enumerationNumberCompareType
Numerical compare type (Equals, less than..etc)
Public enumerationNumberRangeCompareType
Numerical range compare type (InRange, outsiderange)
Public enumerationCode exampleOffsetReference
Offset references used to adjust the target point (X,Y) of an action.
Public enumerationParsedElementType
The type set by the parser when an element is parsed.
Public enumerationStringCompareType
String compare type (Contains, exact ...etc.)
Public enumerationTechnologyType
Technology type supported.
Public enumerationWaitResultType
The different Wait results possible.
Public enumerationXamlStringCompareType