For QA Testers

Phenomenal Productivity

Test Studio redefines the way automated testing is done. Build your tests in minutes instead of hours! No need to waste time on defining coordinates in dynamic pages anymore. Record your test just once and played on multiple browsers without re-recording.

Revolutionary User Interface – No Learning Necessary

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind automated testing tool that requires zero lines of script. Use smart point-and-click wizards to visually highlight an element and automatically generate your verifications. All you need to start using it is to watch a few short videos.

Automating AJAX, Silverlight, MVC

Progress innovation guarantees support for all the latest Microsoft technologies. Complex AJAX scenarios, MVC, client-side functionality, JavaScript calls, data-driven testing – we cover them all. Test Studio offers an industry-best and completely codeless Silverlight test recorder!

Powerful Test Recorder

Navigate, point and click is all it takes to generate even the most complex of automated tests. The robust GUI Test Recorder saves these actions as test steps, and the unique storyboard gives you a visual flow of how your test has progressed.

Fit for Small Budgets, Suitable for Big Enterprises

Now everyone could benefit from automated testing! Progress Test Studio is priced for small companies, not enterprises, yet enables organizations of all sizes to affordably improve the quality of their software.

Collaborate with Developers, Anywhere

If you work with developers dispersed across the globe, you surely need seamless collaboration with your teammates. Test Studio offers a one-of-a-kind solution for your team by providing a common platform for you and developers to work together.

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