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Tailored for Developers Doing Functional Testing

Unlike most automated testing tools, Test Studio is built for developers and is tightly integrated in Visual Studio and with tests generated as C# or VB.NET code. Native test types ensure first class test support in Visual Studio - both Professional and Team Editions.

Powerful Test Recorder, Unprecedented Productivity

You no longer need to write all your tests in code from scratch. Test Studio features a convenient recorder that outputs functional tests in code, which you can immediately customize or extend in Visual Studio. This makes you more productive than before. Attractive Pricing, Even for Small Companies Test Studio is offered with attractive pricing, so that it is affordable even for small to medium companies. Automated testing is no longer a privilege of big enterprises.

Silverlight, AJAX, MVC, VS 2013 and 2015 - You Get It All

As a constant innovator, Telerik brings you the latest and greatest from the world of Microsoft - industry-best test automation for Silverlight, AJAX, and MVC applications, as well as support for the newest Visual Studio 2015. Now even the most intricate Web and WPF apps can be reliably tested.

Native Support for Telerik RadControls

Test Studio is the best way to test RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX or Silverlight. The test recorder automatically detects the controls and exposes commonly used verifications. Those are applied on logical elements (grid row, scheduler appointment, etc.) - not HTML/XAML elements.

Outstanding Support and Documentation

With Test Studio you get access to a wealth of training resources. You benefit from industry-leading product support and a team that genuinely cares about your success. You even get free support during your trial. Plus, you become a part of one of the largest .NET communities!

Easily Collaborate with QAs, Anywhere

Test Studio is also available in a special edition for QAs, allowing them to check-in tests in the source repository right next to the product code. Also, you can quickly learn what your teammates have recorded through the built-in Visual Storyboard tool.

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