Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is displayed immediately after launching Test Studio.

It lets you access or create projects, getting started with the product, or notification about software updates.

Create Project

Version 2016 R2

In this section you could choose among different type projects - Web & Desktop, Mobile or API. Select the desired type you want to create, specify its name and location and click on the 'Create' button.

Create Project

Add Tests To Your Project

Once the test project is created you can start adding tests.

Software Updates

Under this section you can find information about the installed version of Test Studio, activation and update notifications.

Software Updates

Product Version

This section displays your currently installed version number.

Activation Key

This section displays the mode of your license key (Trial or Licensed) and the option to Deactivate an active license. This is used to run one license of Test Studio across multiple machines. Please see our KB article on Swapping a License for more information.

Update And Updates Notifications

This section displays options to check for updates.