While discovering new areas of Test Studio you receive notifications which can point you to useful features of the product.

The notification experience will:

  • Surface notifications that are relevant to the specific area of the product you are in.

  • Help you easily determine the functionality of the product.

  • Let you decide what you want to take action on.

  • Navigate to the online documentation.

The number of notifications you have already received is displayed in the notification toggle button (a little red circle in the upper right corner). Toggle it to show/hide the new notifications.

red circle

It represents a list of notifications (hints) relevant to the area you are discovering. The new notifications are bold and has a New tag. After clicking it the New tag disappears and the information about the selected notification appears at the bottom of the window.

notifications window

If you close the window you can reopen it by clicking the notification button again (the red circle).

If you don't want to see new notifications in the feature uncheck the Notify for new hints check box.
Note: The notifications are user based. That means that if another user launches Test Studio he will receive new notifications again.