Create a Silverlight Out-of-Browser Test (VS plugin)

Important Notes:

  • If you are testing a Silverlight In-Browser web application, we recommend treating it as a standard Web Test with no additional configuration.

  • See here for what constitutes Out-of-Browser.

  • Once a Silverlight Out-of-Browser application is configured for recording, Test Studio modifies its shortcut to point directly to the application's location on disk. This replaces the Microsoft "offline://" notation. The side effect of this is that your application will not detect that it is running in Out-of-Browser mode and code must be written in the application to work around this limitation.

  • Test Studio does not support the Web Browser control in Silverlight Out-of-Browser applications.

  1. Launch Test Studio.
  2. Click Telerik > Test Studio > Create New Test Project.

    Create test project

  3. Choose Telerik > Test > VB or C# Test Studio Project, name the project, and click OK.

    Note: As of version 2015.3.1202 Test Studio projects will appear only under .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.

    Create C#/VB project

  4. A Web Test is added to the project. Open it and click the Configure Silverlight App icon in the toolbar.

    Configure SL App

  5. Check the Configure this test to run against a Silverlight application box in Out-Of-Browser options.

  6. Browse for the Local Application Directory or drag and drop a link to your Silverlight application.
  7. Select Silverlight Out-of-Browser under Recording Host.

    Recording host

  8. Click Record to launch the out-of-browser app with the recording toolbar docked at the top.

Recording test

Notice that steps are added to the test as actions are taken within the application.

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