Telerik Test Runner

The Telerik Test Runner application is a graphic user interface for the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe command line application. You can download it from here.

With the Telerik Test Runner you can locate a test in your file system, configure the test and run it without using Test Studio standalone version or the command line.

Telerik Test Runner

Click the Configure button to select the project root folder, results output location and custom config file, if any.


Using Telerik Test Runner for remote run

With the Telerik Test Runner application you can schedule remote test runs immediately on any machine which has Telerik Test Studio Standalone or Test Studio Run-Time installed.

Remote Run

  • Source Project Dir - this is the original project which should be stored on a shared location and accessible from the execution machine/s.
  • Test List - from the drop down choose the test list you should be running remotely.
  • Remote Machine - this is the name of the remote machine where the test list will be executed.
  • Destination Root - this is the folder where the Test Studio project will be copied on the execution machine. Please make sure this folder exists on the execution machine (C:\Temp\Output) and it is shared with write permissions.
  • Runner Path - this is the full path to the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe on the remote machine.
  • Result Output - this is the folder where the results of the test list execution should be stored. This is an optional way to specify a different results path, than the default one which is C:\Temp\Output[ ProjectName+ID ]

Please make sure you are using the correct domain login credentials. There are the Windows credentials you are using to access/log in to the execution machine.