TeamPulse Integration

Test Studio comes with support for Telerik's agile project management solution – TeamPulse. The integration with the agile tool enables linking between user stories and acceptance criteria from TeamPulse to tests within Test Studio. Thus users can further facilitate business owners – testers' communication by bringing transparency to converting requirements into tests.

  1. On the Project tab, click the TeamPulse button in the Extensions ribbon.

    Team Pulse Button

  2. Enter the Server URL, your Team Pulse credentials and click OK.

    Connect To TeamPulse

  3. Choose the Default Project and click Close.

    Default Project

  4. Select a test and link it to Acceptance Criteria in the TeamPulse tab under Test Details pane. Ensure you have a User Story with Acceptance Criteria defined in TeamPulse so you can link a test to it.

    Link Test

  5. Select an Acceptance Criteria and click Close.

    Acceptance Criteria

  6. The test is now linked and you can edit the status/delete the acceptance criteria from the TeamPulse tab. Changes made will be immediately synced to TeamPulse.

    TeamPulse Tab

To see the latest changes which were made in TeamPulse click Refresh button the refresh button.

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