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Connect and Close Popup Steps

Detecting popups opened in new window is an out-of-the-box feature in Test Studio. The steps recorded for connecting to and closing the popups provide various properties to fine tune the execution. The steps to connect to a popup and then close it, can be added also manually in the test.

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Add a Connect/Close Popup Step Manually

Even if you work on the tests in the project and have no active recording session, you can still add the specific steps to connect to and close a popup from the Step Builder. These steps are listed under the General section of the Step Builder, under Dialogs. Select one of the Connect/Close popup window step and add hit the Add Step button.

Step Builder Connect/Close popup steps

Properties for Connect/Close Popup Steps

The various properties allows you to fine tune the steps to connect and close popups in the automated application.


The properties related to timing are the PopupWaitTimeout - this controls the time, which the test retries to connect to the popup until successful, and the InitializationTime - it controls the time, which the test waits before it starts searching for such dialog (applicable for IE browser only). It is useful to increase this, if the popup window/tab requires longer time to popup.

Timoeouts for Connect/Close popup steps

Test Studio recognizes the new popup windows by their URLs and records the current URL into the PopupUrl step property.

PopupURL for Connect/Close popup steps


If the parent and popup window share the same URL, Test Studio cannot tell the difference between them. Thus, during execution Test Studio will randomly connect to one of them and this cannot be controlled.

Popups with Dynamic URL

Test Studio allows you to use only part of the URL of a popup window. In the cases when the tested web application typically loads popups with URLs that contain a dynamic portion, such as a search query, you can use the IsUrlPartial step property to alter the settings of how the popup is matched.

For example:

Popup with dynamic URL for Connect/Close popup steps

A Modal popup window is a child window that requires users to interact with it before they can return to operating the parent application. Modal windows often have a different appearance than normal windows and are typically without navigation buttons and menu headings.

Modal Window

Test Studio detects automatically also this type of popups, but due to their specific behavior, there is no additional recorder loaded for these modal windows. They are recognized in Test Studio by their modal caption. For them the Connect to/Close pop-up window steps can be modified to use the properties IsModalPopup, which transforms the step to search for modal window, and the ModalPopupPartialCaption, which holds the modal window caption name (can use partial caption).

Connect to Modal Popup


Test Studio cannot connect to modal popup windows which do not have a title in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. To avoid any troubles in automating the tested page in browsers other than Internet Explorer, ensure any modal popups are titled.

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