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Data Driven Image Verification

To data bind an image verification step certain actions have to be performed. An approach to this scenario is to have previously stored histograms of the image element to which verification should be bonded. Then in a coded step the verification has to be managed as it is given in the sample below:

// get an image of MyImage element        
System.Drawing.Bitmap bitmap = Pages.MyPage.MyImage.Capture();

// create a histogram to compare
ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram histogram = ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram.FromBitmap(bitmap);
// create Histogram to place original data inside
ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram histogramToCompare = ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram.FromBitmap(bitmap);

// place data from Data Source to a string array
var stringHistogram = Data["Histogram"].ToString().Split(',');

// place original data in the Histogram object
for (int i=0; i < histogram.Data.Length; i++)
    histogramToCompare.Data[i] = Double.Parse(stringHistogram[i]);
// compare histogram objects
double compareValue = (histogram.Compare(histogramToCompare) * 100);

// set tolerans in %
double tolerance = 10D;

// Assert statement 
ArtOfTest.Common.UnitTesting.Assert.IsTrue(tolerance >= compareValue); 

Dim bitmap As System.Drawing.Bitmap = Pages.MyPage.MyImage.Capture()

Dim histogram As ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram = ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram.FromBitmap(bitmap)

Dim histogramToCompare As ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram = ArtOfTest.Common.Histogram.FromBitmap(bitmap)

Dim stringHistogram = Data("Histogram").ToString().Split(","C)

For i As Integer = 0 To histogram.Data.Length - 1
    histogramToCompare.Data(i) = [Double].Parse(stringHistogram(i))

Dim compareValue As Double = (histogram.Compare(histogramToCompare) * 100)

Dim tolerance As Double = 10.0

ArtOfTest.Common.UnitTesting.Assert.IsTrue(tolerance >= compareValue)

To complete this scenario using the provided sample:

  • System.Drawings .NET assembly has to be referred to the project
  • test script has to be data-binded to a data source with Histogram column
  • image histogram data has to be placed as a single line string in the data storage cell. For a hystogram example - one is created if an image verification step is recorded in the test script .tstest file
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