Saving and sharing views

Saving Views

TeamPulse lets you save the custom views you create so you can:

  • quickly access them later
  • share them with your team
  • customize the TeamPulse navigation by deleting the default views you don't use and add ones that are suitable to the way you work

Personal Views

When you save as a personal view only you can see and access it. It only appears in the navigation of your TeamPulse under the Personal Views section.

To save as private view click the gear icon on the top right side of the screen and select "Save as Personal..." from the menu.

Sharing Views

You can save a view as Shared or share an already created Public view.

Sharing a view with the team members of specific team

When saving (sharing) a view you can choose who is allowed to see it. You can share views with people from specific project(s). Once you share view with the team members of the project, it will appear in their navigation under the Shared views section. 

Sharing a view with everybody

Server administrators can save views that are seen by everybody. Also, they can delete all shared views. 

Modifying and deleting shared views

Views shared with everybody can be modified and deleted only by users with "Server administrator" permission.

To delete a view shared with specific project(s) you need to have one of the following permissions:

  • "Server administrator" or 
  • "Manage shared views" permission for all the project which the view was shared with. For example, if a view is shared with people from Project 1 and Project 2, you have have the "Manage shared views" permission for both of these project.