Creating New Items

Quick Add

You can create new items from every screen of the application. Just click the green plus icon on the top of the navigation. Use the drop-down to quickly add differnt item types.

Then choose the project and the type of item you want to create. If you have set your project context to a specific project it will be selected in the Quick Add dialog.

If you are creating many items at once you can use the

button in the Quick add dialog.

Breaking big items into smaller ones

Breaking a big story into smaller ones

If you have one big story describing a bigger feature, you may break it down into several smaller stories by creating parent-child relationship.

To do so:

  1. Create or open the story you want to break down.
  2. Open the related tab
  3. Click the "Add new" button
  4. Use the form to create new items (it is the same as Quick Add dialog)
  5. Set the proper relationship 
  6. Click "Relate & Add Another" until you've broken down your story.

Decomposing story into tasks

Read the following FAQ: What are tasks?

Clone work item

You can generate new items by duplicating almost all fields and properties from existing one. Using the Clone action you can create another work item with the same content as the selected one.

The new item is from the same work item type as the source one. The clone option is typically used for duplicating recurring items and tasks.

The following properties of the source item can be optionally copied to the new one, depending on you choice.

  • Tasks
  • Attachments
  • Links
  • Relations
  • Personas
  • Acceptance criteria

Fields that will not be cloned include: "Work Completed/Remaining" values of Tasks, "Assigned To".

Convert work item

Existing work items could be converted to other item types. You have three options here: to delete the original item, keep it as it is, or relate it to the new one. Only the properties that are valid for the destination item type are persisted. We recommend using the convert option to cast Feedback or Feature requests to Stories. It also comes in handy when you created the wrong item type by a mistake.

Tasks, attachments, links, relations, acceptance criteria, associated checkins are not created in the new item.

Clone and Convert actions are shown when only one item is selected on the grid/board.