Contextual Conversation

Starting a contextual conversation with other team members

When a Microsoft Lync conversation is started from within TeamPulse, context is provided to the receiving user in the form of hyperlinks.  If the receiving user has a license to TeamPulse and access to the project in context, the user may click on the link and immediately be viewing the exact same screen in TeamPulse as the user who initiated the conversation.

Start Contextual Conversationenlarge screenshot


Storing transcripts of contextual conversations

If a conversation is started while an Idea or Story is being edited, the conversation may be stored as an attachment to the Idea or Story.  Once a conversation is completed, a dialog will display providing the option to save or discard the conversation.  Prior to saving the conversation, the transcript of the conversation may be edited in the dialog.

Storing Transcriptsenlarge screenshot


Once saved, the conversation transcript is stored in the database as an attachment for traceability and future reference.

Transcripts Savedenlarge screenshot