TeamPulse helps to unleash the potential of your software teams, helping them to deliver better software – faster.  By combining agile and lean best practices, TeamPulse helps your teams plan and measure results while continually improving your delivery process.  The tool offers a set of highly visual and intuitive tools for managing user stories, planning, and scheduling while facilitating the involvement of your entire team in the decision-making process.  TeamPulse provides a real-time view of the health and progress of your project and team.


TeamPulse helps to turn ideas into successful software projects by helping to minimize waste and friction along the way by uniting all team roles – from business users to developers.


TeamPulse was developed behind the following set of principles and assumptions:

  • Backlog and plan definitions evolve rapidly
  • Lots of work happens prior to construction
  • Visualization is key to planning and backlog evolution
  • User experience needs to
    • Be fluid, rich and clean
    • Target multiple platforms
    • Be extremely responsive
    • Be usable on small displays (e.g. Netbooks)


TeamPulse targets gathering and planning activities throughout your project by allowing you to:

  • Capture, visualize, refine, manage, and publish software requirements in the form of user stories and personas
  • Define project schedules and team capacities
  • Schedule stories for delivery
  • Analyze project for Agile best practices


The difference between Standard and Trial editions:

  • Standard edition: unlimited projects and a number of users dependent on the number of licenses purchased.
  • Installable Trial edition: fully functional standard edition that expires in 30 days.
  • Hosted Trial edition: full evaluation version including a sample project to better experiment with the product workflow and process. This version has a 30 days trial period and requires no installation.