xView Settings

The xView Settings screen allows you to manage the settings for Projects Status and People Status cross project screens, such as default burndown type, alerts for problems in the current iteration and people capacity indications. These settings are on project level which gives you the ability to have different settings for the different projects.


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The page can be accessed only by people with granted edit project permission for the corresponding project. You can open the page from both, Projects Status and People Status screens:


The settings are divided into 3 main groups:

Project Status Screen

From here you can set the default burndown type for the Projects Status screen. You can choose burndown type by 4 different types:

  • Estimate
  • Task estimate
  • Task count
  • Task work remaining


The default one for each project is "by task estimate".


This setting is also applied for the burndown displayed on the Dashboard screen in TeamPulse for this project.


Another part of the project status screen is related to setting when warnings will start to display on Projects Status screen depending on the current iteration progress and the difference from planned completion date in percentage.

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People Status Screen

The settings in this section are related to the number of assigned items to a person and at which point a warning should be represented on the People Status screen. If a user has higher number of assigned items in "Not Started" or "In Progress" state  than the one set here, then a warning will be displayed.


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Common Settings

This setting allows you to set how many days after the iteration start a newly added story and its tasks is considered unplanned.

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