Calculating work completed from time entries

TeamPulse provides the option to automatically calculate a task's work completed values using the time entries logged against it. When enabled, the work completed field will become read only, and its value will be modified strictly based on time entries made by users. When disabled, work completed values must be manually entered.

Updating Work Completedenlarge screenshot

To turn the automatic calculation of work completed on/off - see Time Tracking Settings.

How automatic calculation works

It is important to note that the calculation of work completed is not a sum of all time entries logged against a task. Rather, the existing stored value is modified when a time entry is added, updated, or removed. The importance of this distinction is that if a project is ever set to not calculate work completed and users manually enter values into the fields, and then later calculation of work completed values is enabled, the manually entered values will not be immediately lost or modified to suit the current state of time entries. Furthermore, when subsequent time entries are logged, the existing values will simply be modified to apply the difference, rather than re-calculated from scratch.


  • If the existing work completed value is 0, and a user logs a time entry for 2 hours against the task, 2 hours will be added to the 0 existing hours for a total work completed value of 2. 
  • If an edit is then made to the time entry to change it from 2 to 1, 1 hour will be subtracted from the existing value of 2, leaving a work completed value of 1. 
  • Finally, if the time entry is deleted, the 1 hour value associated will be subtracted from the existing value of 1, leaving 0 hours work completed.