Time Entries

There are two ways to access the Time Entries page:

  1. From within the TeamPulse Silverlight client, in the ribbon, choose Analysis > Time Entries.
    Accessing Time Entries via the ribbonenlarge screenshot

  2. From within the TeamPulse xView, in the main navigation menu, choose Time Entries
    Accessing Time Entries via the xViewenlarge screenshot

The Time Entries screen provides a read-only mechanism for viewing all time information across tasks within a given date range. 

Time entries screen in TeamPulse xViewenlarge screenshot

To view time entries for a project you must have 'Project Member' or 'xView Access' to the project. For more information, please see the sections entitled Project Member Management and xView Settings.


Pressing the refresh button provided on screen will update the data within the page based on the selected date range while also maintaining any selected column groups and sort order. 

Refresh buttonenlarge screenshot

Using the browser page refresh will cause the screen to reload entirely and assume the default date range, grouping, and column sort.


The Time Entries screen defaults to showing all entries for the current week. Two date picker controls are provided for changing the date range, and the values in the grid are refreshed immediately to reflect changes.

Filter time entries by dateenlarge screenshot


The default sort order for information within the Time Entries screen is by time entry date, but users may click on any column header to sort by that column. Clicking a second time will reverse the sort, and clicking a third time will cancel the sort. 

Time entries column sortenlarge screenshot


By default data on the Time Entries screen is presented in a flat, un-grouped fashion. Grouping can be accomplished easily by dragging column headers from the grid to the small grouping area above. 

Grouping time entriesenlarge screenshot

Multiple columns can be grouped by dragging more column headers into the grouping area, and group hierarchy can be re-arranged by dragging the group boxes to change the order. Clicking on the small arrow within a group box will allow you to change the sort order of the groups themselves.

To remove a grouping click on the small x within the group box.

Remove time entries groupingenlarge screenshot


Results are displayed in pages with 100 entries per page. To move from page to page use the numbers located at the bottom of the grid. When exporting, all results in the date range will be returned, not just those on a single page.

Time Entries Pagingenlarge screenshot


The ‘Export to CSV’ button can be used to export the time entries logged between the chosen start and end dates into a comma separated value file for use in another application such as Microsoft Excel. All fields available on the Time Entries screen will be exported. Any sorting or grouping applied on the Time Entries screen will not be preserved in the export. All results in the date rage will be exported; they will not be reduced by any current grid paging.