My Perspective

My Perspective is the area in TeamPulse where you can easily track the project from a selected team member’s perspective.  The work items are split into three different status groups to help you see the progress a team member is making.  Please note that the editing options available on this screen depend on your permissions in the project.

TP-MyPerspectiveenlarge screenshot



This screen is useful for viewing:

  • work items assigned to a team member in the selected iteration(s)
  • best practices that are broken
  • recent changes made by the user or by other team members to the user’s items



My Perspectiveenlarge screenshot


By default the currently logged in user and current iteration(s) are selected.


You can change the user by choosing from a list of all project users and an additional option to select everyone.  The everyone option gives you the ability to see the performance of the whole team.  Choosing everyone will update all the widgets to show data for the entire team and will also include data for items in the selected iterations that are not assigned to anybody.

TP-MyPerspective-Usersenlarge screenshot


Next to the user list is a drop down for selecting one or more iterations you want to get information for.  The most common use of this screen is to see items in the current iteration and it will be selected by default.

TP-MyPerspective-Iterationsenlarge screenshot


Work Item Grids

The main part of the screen is the one that shows all items assigned to the selected user.  This includes stories, tasks, bugs, risks and issues.  Their names and statuses are displayed along with icons that show their type.  If you have permission, the name and status of an item can be edited right in the grids.  In order to edit more details of an item it can be opened by clicking the icon.


We have separated them in three pre-defined groups – work in progress, work not started, and work completed. You can choose which groups to observe by expanding and collapsing the expanders.

TP-MyPerspective-Itemsenlarge screenshot


Each group shows items with chosen statuses.  By default, the selected statuses come from the project settings corresponding to the selected project template.  You can customize these groups from the status selection control.  The customization will not affect the project settings but will be saved locally so you don't have to customize them every time you open the screen.

TP-MyPerspective-Statusesenlarge screenshot


When the logged in user has permission to edit a task (i.e. is granted edit story/bug/issue/risk permission corresponding to the tasks parent), he or she can log time against that task. By clicking the clock icon a window will open allowing the user to choose date and type for the done work. You can read more about logging time from Logging work page. 

Log work from My Perspectiveenlarge screenshot


Sometimes a story does not belong to the group, but it is shown because it has a task that does belong.  In this case, the story name is gray and there is an information icon next to it giving more details as a tooltip.

Story Status Tooltipenlarge screenshot


Progress Widget

In the top right portion of the screen you can see a progress bar for the currently selected user and the selected iteration(s).

TP-MyPerspective-Widgetenlarge screenshot


The progress is showing the completed stories measured by estimate.  The number in the square shows the sum of the estimates of all stories and the number in the circle shows the count of the stories assigned to that user. This is the same progress bar that will appear for the user on the project dashboard.


Below the progress widget are “Best Practices” and “Recent Changes” sections.  By default the best practices will be opened.


Best Practices

The purpose of the best practices panel is to show the best practices that you are breaking and keep you informed if there are any.  The list of broken best practices shows:

  • all items that are assigned to the selected user when a single person is selected
  • all broken best practices both for assigned and unassigned items when “Everyone” is selected

We recommend you to try and keep this list empty.
TP-MyPerspective-BestPracticesenlarge screenshot


You can choose which best practices to follow from Best Practices screen.  By default all best practices are selected.


Recent Changes

TP-MyPerspective-RecentChangesenlarge screenshot      Recent Changes Days Pickerenlarge screenshot

By default changes made by the selected user are shown. Another option is to see the changes made by others to items assigned to the selected user by choosing from the dropdown under the header. The period in which the changes were made can vary in the range from 1 to 30.  If you wish to open the changed item for more detailed information you could just click on its icon in the list and you will be navigated to it.