Task Templates

You can add tasks to stories, bugs, issues or risks by using already defined task templates. This will save time when add the same tasks to different items.

Templates listenlarge screenshot


The picture above shows the templates dropdown menu. It is located in left top corner above the tasks grid in story, bug, issue and risk edit window.

Task templates are saved per project and per item type. Meaning that task template saved for one project will not show in the task templates list for another. Also when a user opens the edit window for an item they can apply a task template that is saved against that item type - story, bug, issue or risk.


Create Task Templates

To add tasks from a template, it should be created first. Here you can choose between two options - save all tasks from the tasks' grid or save only currently selected tasks. To save all tasks from the grid simply click the "Add tasks from template" button and from the menu choose "Save all current tasks as template...". To save selected tasks first select one or more tasks from the grid and then choose the other option "Save selected tasks as template...".

Save template buttonsenlarge screenshot


When you click any of the both options a save template window will show. It will prompt you to enter a name for the template. You can also choose which properties of the tasks to save in the template. By default the templates save only the Name and the Description of the task. Optionally you can extend the number of properties that are being saved to include - PERT Estimate, Assigned To, Work Remaining and Work Completed.

Save template windowenlarge screenshot


To save the view click "Save" button. This will add the template in the tasks template list and the next time you open an item from that type you will be able to add the selected tasks from that template.

If there is already a template with the same name, you will be asked if you want to replace the existing one.

Override template windowenlarge screenshot 

If you click Yes then the tasks in the existing template will be changed with the tasks selected to be saved in the template.


Add Tasks

After a template is created it can be added by clicking the "Add tasks from template" button and then selecting the respective template to add.


Editing and Deleting Templates

Edit template buttonenlarge screenshot


You can change the name of a template by opening the dropdown and clicking on “Edit” option on the right of templates’s name.

Edit template windowenlarge screenshot


If the entered name already exists the overwrite confirmation dialog will appear.

To delete a template first click the “Edit” button and then choose “Delete”.


Only users with edit parent item permissions can add, edit, delete task templates and add tasks from a template.