Logging Work

When you click "Log work" button, a window displaying task's name opens. There you can log time for yourself.

Log Work Windowenlarge screenshot


If the project has two or more defined work types, you can select the type of work you are logging time for.

Choose work typeenlarge screenshot


When you log time, you should enter the hours and the date. Hours should be between 0 and 168. By default the current date is selected, but you can can change it using the date picker.

Choose date to log work forenlarge screenshot


If you have already logged time for the selected date and type, a notification message will show to inform you that you will be updating the logged time. For each date and type there can be just one time entry.

 Update logged workenlarge screenshot


If the you delete the hours from the Time Spent box, this will delete the whole time entry, including the note.

Delete logged workenlarge screenshot


Note that you can log time only for yourslef, even when the selected task is assigned to another user. This allows multiple people to work on the same task and track their work.

Log work for task assigned to another userenlarge screenshot


You can log time against any task only if you have the permissions to edit the task.