Task Management

Tasks are the smallest trackable work items that could be assigned to different users, but still they live in the context of their parent. Tasks can be added, edited or deleted only by users who have edit permission for the tasks' parent.

Add Tasks

Adding tasks to an item can be done in two ways. First one is to add tasks one by one using the plus icon above the tasks grid and the other option is to add tasks from a template using the dropdown button next to the other.

Add tasksenlarge screenshot


Delete Tasks

You can delete a task by selecting it and then click the delete button above the grid. You can also delete couple of tasks at once by selecting the tasks you want to delete and click the delete button. To select more tasks hold the Ctrl button of the keyboard and mark the tasks you want to delete.

Delete tasksenlarge screenshot


If the parent item of the task is marked as syncable the delete button is not accessible but you can set the task status to any status from Deleted Status Group and that task will no be included in the sync query so it will not affect the sync process.

Cannot delete tasks of synced itemsenlarge screenshot


Estimate Tasks

To help you better estimate, you can include optimistic, probable, and pessimistic estimates for your tasks. You can also record work remaining and work completed.

Tasks Gridenlarge screenshot


Order Tasks

When tasks count is bigger, ordering them can help people see which tasks need to be completed first. Task sequencing can happen the following ways:

  • Dragging and dropping in the grid - The grab handle icon at the front of each row can be used to drag an item from one spot in the grid to another which will change the sequence.
    Resequence tasks using drag and dropenlarge screenshot
  • Using the sequence buttons in the ribbon - When one or more tasks are selected, the ribbon changes to show new sequence buttons. To change the sequence of the selected tasks, click Move Up, Move Down, Move to top, or Move to bottom.
    Task Sequence Buttons In The Ribbonenlarge screenshot

Logging Work

You can log work for a task by clicking the Log Work button from the grid. Visit Logging Work page for more detailed information.

Log work buttonenlarge screenshot