Tags provide a mechanism for labeling items with common terms and can be found on screens designed for editing these items. In order to modify tags a user must have permission to edit the item in context. Tags are unique to a project and are shared among all ideas, feedback, feature requests, stories, bugs, risks, and issues. Using tags can make filtering items easier - you can find more information about filtering here.


Add and Create Tags


Creating a tag is as easy as typing a name in the auto-complete drop down and hitting enter.

Create a tagenlarge screenshot


Existing tags can be selected using the drop down or by typing and using the auto-complete ability.

Add a tagenlarge screenshot


Remove Tag


Tags can be removed by clicking the small 'x' beside the tag name. If a removed tag is not referenced by any other item within the project, the tag will also be removed from the list of available tags

Remove a tagenlarge screenshot