Shared Views

Users have the ability to share the filtering and grid customizations for a particular screen with others. 

Public Viewsenlarge screenshot


The picture above shows the views dropdown menu. It is located in left top corner above the grid.


Shared views are visible for all users that are added to the project. When a user opens a screen they can apply any view that is saved for that screen. The next time the user visits the screen the previously selected view will be applied.

When a screen is opened for the first time the Initial View will be selected and applied.  Each screen has an Initial View and you cannot delete or rename it.  You can however overwrite it by saving your current settings with the same name as the initial view. This way you ensure that everyone will see this view the first time they come to the screen. There is a button that will allow you to reset  the initial view for any screen to the defaults. 


Initial View on the Backlog screen is called Product Backlog.

Changes made while viewing a shared or initial view will not be immediately saved to that view.  Instead, Custom will be shown as the selected view in the menu and any changes will be saved to it.


The Custom view is private to the user and cannot be viewed by others.


Choosing any other view from the list will delete all the changes that were saved for the user in the Custom view.


The Custom view cannot be selected manually from the list. It is selected automatically when any of the filtering or grid customizations are changed.

Sharing View

In order to share the filtering and grid customizations that have been made, open the dropdown and select “Share current…”. This will add a new shared view to the list and it will be visible to all team members.


Sharing is allowed only when the Custom view is selected.


Save Viewenlarge screenshot


If there is already a view with the same name, the user will be asked if they want to replace the existing one.

Overwrite Dialogenlarge screenshot


If Yes is clicked then the filtering and grid customizations of the existing view will be changed with the currently applied customizations.


Views cannot be named “Custom”.

Editing and Deleting Views

Edit Buttonenlarge screenshot


Users can change the name of a view by opening the dropdown and clicking on “Edit” on the right of view’s name.

Edit Viewenlarge screenshot


If the user enters a name of an already existing view the overwrite confirmation dialog will appear.

To delete a view first click the “Edit” button and then choose “Delete”. If the currently selected filter is deleted, the default one will be applied.