View Stories

You can get to the 'View Stories' screen using the ribbon – Requirements > View Stories

View Storiesenlarge screenshot


The View Stories screen has two different modes for displaying user stories:

  1. Sortable and Groupable View
  2. Hierarchical View


Use the toggle buttons above the grid to switch between the view modes.


Sortable and Groupable View

The story sortable and groupable view displays stories in a powerful grid view. This view allows you to sort, group, and filter to get to the information you need.

Stories Grid Viewenlarge screenshot


If you have permission, you can edit the story details directly in the grid by simple clicking on the cell you wish to edit.  Using the buttons above the grid you can also created and delete stories.


Hierarchical View

The hierarchical story view lets you display your stories in a hierarchical/tree view. You can drag and drop stories to create hierarchy among your stories.

Stories Tree Viewenlarge screenshot


Story Filtering

You can filter your stories 6 ways.

  1. Using the grid column filter
  2. Iteration filter
  3. Area filter
  4. Status filter
  5. Tag filter
  6. The search box

The orange filter icon reminds you that you are filtering your user stories. Each filter type will show the filter icon if that particular filter is being used.

View Stories with filter indicators highlightedenlarge screenshot


You can also apply predefined views that have been previously saved by you or other team members - read more.

For more information about using and customizing the filtering options, see the detailed section about filtering.