Edit a Story

Tasks Tab

User stories may need many things to happen before they can be marked as “Done”. A lot of the time the work needed to complete a story can be broken down into multiple tasks. This allows individual tasks to be assigned to different people and provides more granular tracking for the project. 

Tasks Gridenlarge screenshot


Visit Task Management page for more detailed information regarding tasks.

Personas Tab

Personas are fictitious characters created to represent the different user types of a system. Personas will help you visualize the people behind the keyboard using the features of the software your team is creating. You can describe exactly how personas use your software by describing the interaction in a story.

Edit Story Personas Tabenlarge screenshot 


By using the “Create or add a new persona” box in the Personas tab you can add an existing persona to your story or you can create an entirely new persona. If the persona is not in the drop down list, you can type in the position of the persona you wish to create, hit the enter button, and the persona is created in your project.

Add new or existing persona from personas tabenlarge screenshot


When you hover over a persona, the “edit” and “remove” buttons are displayed. Removing a persona does not delete the persona from the project, it only breaks the relationship with the user story.

Edit personaenlarge screenshot


Persona detailsenlarge screenshot


Acceptance Criteria Tab

TeamPulse also provides a mechanism for you to capture the acceptance criteria for a user story.  Acceptance criteria help us define what “done” means and works as an agreement between your product owner and team to help manage the acceptance of a user story in a production system.


Edit Story Acceptance Criteria Tabenlarge screenshot


Stories, Bugs, Issues, and Risks Tabs

A story can have many relationships with other entities. It can be related to other stories, which may indicate dependencies between the stories. It can also be related to bugs which my tell the developer that a story is not yet finished. Risks and issues are also entities that can be related to stories. In each tab, you can view, create or remove relationships.


Edit Story Relationship Tabsenlarge screenshot


Go to Creating Relationships for more information about creating those relationships, including restrictions and all of the places these relationships can be created


Attachments Tab

Using the attachments tab you can attach files to your story.  After a file is attached it can also be downloaded or streamed to the browser using the grid..


Edit Story External Tabenlarge screenshot


Links Tab

Use the links tab to add links to external content.  Clicking the 'open' button in the grid will open the link in a new window.

Links Tabenlarge screenshot