Create a Story

If you have permission to create stories, they can be created in 3 ways.

  1. Ribbon Menu - Requirements Tab > New Story

    New Storyenlarge screenshot


    Using the ribbon button will take you to the create story screen where you can set many attributes for the story.

  2. Story List View

    New Story From Story Listenlarge screenshot


    Creating a story in the story list view will add a new story directly in the grid. You can set most of the available attributes right in the view.

  3. Quick Linking

    New Story From Quick Linkingenlarge screenshot


    When you see a rich text box in TeamPulse you can use the quick linking feature. Click into the box and press [Ctrl + Spacebar], this will bring up the quick linker. You can create a new story, or persona, right from the quick linker.