Areas/Iterations Management

You can add, edit, delete, or manipulate the hierarchy, of your areas or iterations though the Areas/Iterations Manager.

You can access the Area/Iteration manager using the ribbon. The Areas/Iterations Manager button is available in the Requirements tab and the Planning tab.

Areas/Iterations Managerenlarge screenshot


When you click the ribbon button the manager dialog will appear on whatever screen you are currently on.

Areas Iterations Managerenlarge screenshot


Add or Delete an Area or Iteration


To add an area/iteration you must select what level of the hierarchical tree you want the new  area/iteration to be located in, then click the add new button. This procedure is the same whether you are adding an area or iteration.


To delete an area/iteration you must select the area/iteration, and then double click the delete button. This procedure is the same whether you are deleting an area or iteration.

Add/Delete Area/Iterationenlarge screenshot


Edit the name of an iteration or area

To edit the name of an area or iteration, first select the node you want to edit, then push your F2 (Function 2) key on your keyboard.

Moving around Areas and Iterations

Areas and iterations are represented in a hierarchal tree. If you want to move an area/iteration up or down the hierarchical tree you can you the action bar. The left arrow moves the node up the tree; the right arrow moves the node down the tree.

Move Area/Iterationenlarge screenshot