Manage xView Access

TeamPulse provides a way to give users (either licensed or unlicensed) xView access for particular projects, which will allow them to track the work for those projects on the xView site.

All users who are project members are automatically granted xView permission, so on the xView site they will see all the projects they are member of along with those they have xView access for.


TeamPulse user with edit project settings right have the ability to grant or revoke xView access for users for a particular project.

xView Settingsenlarge screenshot


On Manage xView Access page there is a grid listing all users registered in TeamPulse - both licensed and unlicensed. Users that are project members have xView access by default and it cannot be removed. The non-project members need xView access to be able to see current project on the xView site.

xView Settings Pageenlarge screenshot