Manage Project Members

When a new project is created, only the person who created the project has project administrator permission applied, all other selected users are given team member permissions.

You can access the Manage Project Members page by Team Pulse Ribbon > Settings Tab > Project Members.


Project Membersenlarge screenshot


From the Manage Project Members page you can choose from all the licensed TeamPulse users to give access to your project.


Manage Project Membersenlarge screenshot


When project member check box is checked the user is automatically granted team member permission. Also when a permission is granted the user automatically becomes project member. When granting permissions you can choose from all the defined groups you have in the project.


Manage Permissionsenlarge screenshot


To remove a user from accessing your project, you can quickly uncheck project member combo box or uncheck all the groups that user is assigned. 

You cannot modify your own permissions.

Adding a licensed user to Project Members List

For someone to appear in the team member list they need to have a TeamPulse license assigned to them. To manage the TeamPulse licenses you need to go to the “Administration” web site that was installed along with TeamPulse. For more details see Administration.