Create a new project

Creating a project is one of the first steps that needs to be performed before you can start using TeamPulse and the Create New Project startup interview will guide you through the process.  Creating a project involves the following steps:


  1. Choosing a project name and describing the project goals
  2. Selecting a project template
  3. Setting up the schedule and iterations
  4. Choosing the project members



The Create New Project startup interview process can be initiated in several ways: 

  1. From the Application Menu
    New Project - App Menuenlarge screenshot
  2. From the Quick Access Toolbar
    New Project - Quick Access Toolbarenlarge screenshot
  3. From the project list screen
    New Project - Openenlarge screenshot



Step #1: Template

The first step in the Create New Project process is to choose a project template.

New Project - Template Step - TFSenlarge screenshot 


Before deciding on a project template, it's important to know if the TeamPulse project will be synchronized with a TFS project immediately, at some point in the future, or never.  If the project will be synced with TFS, the project template you choose is very important because in order for synchronization to be successful many of the settings in the TeamPulse project need to match the settings in the TFS project.  For more information, see the section entitled Configuring Synchronization.


If you have an existing TFS project that you plan on synchronizing with, it is highly recommended that you choose option #2 "Yes, I have an existing TFS project that I want to import".  Choosing this option will exit the Create New Project process and begin the Import TFS Project process.  For more information, see the section entitled Import a project from TFS.


If you have chosen not to import an existing TFS project, the next step will be to choose a project template to use.  Use the on-screen options, on-screen help, or this blog post to help decide on the appropriate template.  For more information about project templates in TeamPulse, see the section entitled Editing TeamPulse Project Settings.

New Project - Template Step - Listenlarge screenshot 



Step #2: Project

Once a project template has been selected, navigation can proceed to the next step of the process, which is to name and describe the project.  The name is only used to differentiate this project from the other projects on the TeamPulse server.

New Project - Name and Goalsenlarge screenshot 



Step #3: When

Using this step you can choose the start and end date of the project and optionally create some iterations to help get you started more quickly.  After the project is created, the iteration schedule can be edited from the View Schedule screen.  For more information, see the section entitled Schedule Management.

New Project - When Stepenlarge screenshot 



Step #4: With

This step is used to select the people who you will be working with on this project.  The team member list is populated with all the licensed TeamPulse users.  Any user selected on this step will become a member of the project and be added to the Team Member permission group for the project.  After the project is created, project members and permissions can be customized using the Project Members and Permission Groups screens respectively.

New Project - With Stepenlarge screenshot 



Step #5: Summary & Finish

The last step of the startup interview allows you to review your selections before the project is actually created.  From the summary step, click the Finish/Next button to complete the process and create your project.

New Project - Summary Stepenlarge screenshot