Assessing Risks

Assessing risks is the process of reviewing entered risks to ensure they are valid, adequately capture necessary descriptive information, and are appropriately categorized.  After a risk is assessed, it should be sequenced according to the priority for mitigating or resolving it. To assess or sequence risks you must have permission to edit risks.

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How to assess a risk

  1. In the Unassessed Risks list, find a risk that needs to be assessed.
  2. Review the risk to ensure it is a valid concern for the project and has accurate information (especially for the description and severity).
  3. While the risk is selected in the Unassessed Risks list, click the Mark as Assessed button in the ribbon.
    1. This will move the risk to the Sequence Assessed Risks list.
    2. The place in the list it is initially added to depends on the Severity and Priority of the risk.

mark as assessedenlarge screenshot


How to sequence a risk

There are two ways to change the sequence of risks:

  1. Dragging and dropping in the Sequence Assessed Risks grid.
    1. The grab handle icon at the front of each row can be used to drag an item from one spot in the grid to another which will change the sequence.
      Drag and drop sequencingenlarge screenshot
  2. Using the sequencing buttons in the ribbon.
    1. When one or more items are selected in the Sequence Assessed Risks grid, the ribbon changes to show new options, including the sequencing buttons.
    2. To change the sequence of the selected items, click Move Up, Move Down, Move to top, or Move to bottom.
      Sequencing ribbon buttonsenlarge screenshot


What is displayed on the Assess Risks screen

The Unassessed Risks list on this screen shows the following:

  • Risks that have not been marked as assessed.
  • Risks that are not done or in progress.
    • Those are risks with statuses in the not done and in progress status lists for risks in the project settings.
    • For more information about project settings, see Editing the TeamPulse Project Settings.
  • The preview pane beside this grid shows the details for the currently selected item. You can toggle the preview pane using the show and hide buttons at the top of the grid. 

The Sequence Assessed Risks list on right screen shows the following:

  • Risks that have been marked as assessed.
  • Risks that are not done or in progress.
  • Risks ordered by sequence (i.e. the order they should be resolved).