Edit an Issue

If you have permission you can edit an issue in two ways:

  1. Directly in any grid containing an issue item

    In grid issue editingenlarge screenshot


  2. Via the edit issue overlay which is opened by clicking on the issue icon when an issue is shown in a grid or list
    Issue Overlayenlarge screenshot


In-Grid Editing

Issues will appear in many grids throughout the TeamPulse system, and you can generally edit many issue properties directly within the cells of the grid in which they appear.

If a column you want to edit is not visible in the grid, you can use the Edit Columns button to add the desired column.

Edit columns in list viewenlarge screenshot

Edit Issue Overlay

Some properties of an issue cannot be edited directly within the grids. For these fields, or simply for a richer editing environment, you can open the Edit Issue Overlay by clicking on the issue icon found beside an issue entry in any grid or list within TeamPulse. If the issue is marked as blocking, a blocking icon replaces the issue icon. Clicking the blocking icon will open the Edit Issue Overlay in the same manner as the issue icon.

Issue iconenlarge screenshot