Decompose into Work

In a lot of cases, when you have a user story and you want to get the story to “done”, there is more than one thing that has to happen.  In TeamPulse, you can create tasks for stories to help spread out the work throughout your team and provide better tracking for your project.  To add, edit, or delete tasks, you must have permission to edit stories.
Decompose into Workenlarge screenshot


The story list defaults to the current iteration and you can change the area and iteration filters using the drop downs above the list.

Decompose Into Work Storiesenlarge screenshot


When you select a user story from the list, the description and task list are shown on the right.

Decompose into Work screenenlarge screenshot


Adding Tasks

You can add a new task by simply clicking the create task button above the task list.  When you add a task, it is automatically assigned to the team member that has been assigned to the story.
Adding Tasksenlarge screenshot


Deleting Tasks

To delete a task, select it in the task list and click the delete button above the list.
 Deleting Tasksenlarge screenshot


Task Information Icon

You will see the Task Icon in many of the grids. The number in the middle is the number of tasks that the user story has. The green color in the background circle indicates the completion percentage of the tasks.
Task Information Iconenlarge screenshot


Logging work

You can log work for a task by clicking the Log Work button from the tasks grid. Visit Logging Work page for more detailed information.

log work buttonenlarge screenshot