Backlog Management


A backlog is a high-level list of everything that the team needs to work on. It is therefore the “What” that needs to be accomplished, sorted by importance.  The backlog is used in the release and iteration (sprint) planning sessions as the source of features and work to draw from and plan for completion within the time period. 


Across Agile practices, backlogs can take a few forms.  Some teams use a product backlog – which is the master list of all functionality desired in the product.  Some teams will include only stories (requirements) in the backlog, other teams include bugs in the product backlog along with stories.  Other teams include “risk” in the planning process, and turn a “product backlog” into a “project backlog” and include additional items such as risks, issues, process Improvement results, etc.


How to get to the Backlog


You can access the backlog from the Backlog button in the Planning tab of the TeamPulse ribbon.


Opening the Backlogenlarge screenshot


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