Server Level Settings

Users with Server Level Permissions are in group: Server Administrator.The users in that group can modify server level settings that are global for all projects on the server. There are five different permissions: create project, manage users that have access to TeamPulse, edit TeamPulse settings, manage sync servers and manage time tracking settings.

Create Project

Users with that permissions are able to create new projects. If someone is not authorized to perform that operation the "Crate new project" button is not visible to the user.

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Manage Users

Users with that permissions are able to access the Administration site. Users without that permission are not able to create and delete users, but they are allowed to edit their own profiles.  They cannot activate or deactivate TeamPulse or manage TeamPulse extensions.

Manage TeamPulse Settings

TeamPulse settings are the same for all TeamPulse projects. They are set from the ribbon Settings -> TeamPulse Settings.

TeamPulse Settingsenlarge screenshot


Theese include:

  • TeamPulse Host Url - When notifications are enabled TeamPulse host url is used to navigate you to the concrete item in TeamPulse when notification email is received.
  • SMTP Server Settings - In order to receive notifications from TeamPulse settings for SMTP server should be entered.
  • Enabling Email Notifications
  • Enabling Email Notifications for the Ideas & Feedback Portal

Manage Sync Servers

Sync servers are also on server level and are global for all projects hosted on the server. And only uses with that permission can add, edit or delete servers available for syncing projects. If a user does not have that permission he will still be able to modify the sync settings for a specific project as these are project level settings.

Manage Time Tracking Settings

Only server admins can add, edit and delete non-project general tasks, which can then be used to track time against them. They will be visible for all xView and licensed users on Timetracking page.

Manage non-project general tasksenlarge screenshot