Project Level Settings

The list of all project level permissions can be seen in Manage Project Permission Groups  screen.

Project level permissionsenlarge screenshot

Manage Areas

Users who are granted manage areas permission can add, rename, delete and reorder areas in the Area and Iteration Manager. In order to grant manage areas permission a group should include all edit items permissions.

Manage Iterations

Manage iterations permission also require users to have edit items permissions. Adding, removing, organizing and renaming iterations can be done from Area and Iteration Manager or View Schedule screen.

Add/Delete Stories, Bugs, Issues, Risks

Add/delete permissions are different for different types of items, but all of them require the group to have edit permission for the corresponding item type.

Edit Stories, Bugs, Issues, Risks

If user is not granted edit item permission he sees the item in a read-only mode.

Read-only storyenlarge screenshot

Prioritize Backlog

Only users who are granted this permission can move items in the priority view of the backlog. In order to grant prioritize backlog permission a group should include all edit items permissions.

Add/Delete Additional Feedback Votes

In feedback overlay there is Votes tab where TeamPulse users can see information for all the votes for the feedback item. When granted this permission, users can add or delete additional votes by entering some text (name, email, support ticket number, etc.) that will appear in the "Voted For" column in the grid. Learn more about additional feedback votes here.

Delete Portal Comments and Attachments

If the feedback portal is enabled for the project only users who have this permission can delete comments or attachments from the portal tabs in TeamPulse. 

Edit Project Settings

Users with that permission are allowed to modify all project level settings in TemPulse. Those include changing project title and description; defining project level tags. They can manage project members and define permission groups. Users with this permission are also allowed to add or remove teams and edit the project template. Only users with edit project settings level permission can manage tfs server configuration to connect TeamPulse project to tfs one and edit synchronization mappings.  

Tfs servers can be added/removed only from server administrator.

TFS Server Configurationenlarge screenshot

Users with edit project settings permission can manage external access to the xView site. They can also manage project general tasks and time entry work types used for logging work in the project.

Modify Portal Settings

Users with modify portal settings permission can apply customizations to the Ideas and Feedback Portal for the particular project. You can read more for portal customizations from here. By default this permission is granted only to project administrators.

Delete Projects

By default delete projects permission is granted to the project administrators. They will see delete project button in View Projects page for the corresponding project and will be able to delete it.

Delete projectenlarge screenshot

Default Permission Groups

Project Administrator group contains all project level operations, Guest group is not granted any permissions and Team Member group users are able to add, edit and delete stories, bugs, issues and risks.