Managing Server Administrator Role

Server administrator is a role that gives permissions to perform all server level operations. Those include:

  • Creating a TeamPulse project
  • Adding/Removing tfs servers
  • Manipulating email server information
  • Manipulating user through the Administration site.


Users with access to the Administration site can check who the server administrators are from the exposed column in the users grid.

Show server administrator in users gridenlarge screenshot


Setting server administrator role is done from the create or edit user pages in the Administration site. When creating the first user, he is set to licensed and is granted server administrator rights.

Setting server administrator permissionenlarge screenshot


Only licensed users can be granted the permission to be server administrators. Once a user is unlicensed his server administrator rights are removed.

In order to assure that there is always server administrator deleting or unlicensing the last server admin is not allowed.

Deleting the last server administratorenlarge screenshot