Managing Project Administrator Role

When a new project is created the person who created it is granted Project Administrator permission. By default all other project members are granted Team Member permission, thus they are not allowed to perform some operations such as editing project settings or adding other team members to the project.


Project Administrator can grant other project members Project Administrator permission as described in Project Member Management page, but he/she cannot remove his/her own permission in order to assure that the project has Project Administrator.

Project administrator cannot remove his permissionsenlarge screenshot


It is possible to get into situation when a sole Project Administrator is to be unlicensed or even deleted. For those cases we have assured that his projects will be reassigned to another person, who will thereafter play Project Administrator role.

Unlicensing the last project administratorenlarge screenshot


When the last Project Administrator is to be deleted the following screen is shown and the Server Administrator performing the deletion is forced to pick another licensed user to look after Project Administrator responsibilities in the shown projects. The selected user could be an existing project member in the project, but even if he/she is not then the user will automatically be set as a project member.

Deleting the last project administratorenlarge screenshot


Users who are granted Project Administrator role need to log out of TeamPulse and log in again in order to get their newly added permissions.