General Notification Use

Subscriptions vs Rules

There are two methods of receiving notifications relating to work items: 

  • One method is to subscribe to all changes made by others to a specific work item. This can be done by opening the item details and selecting the "notify me when others change this item" check box.

    This check box may be disabled if email & notifications have not yet been setup on the server. For more information see: Email & Notification Setup

    Noticitaion-Uncheckedenlarge screenshot
  • The other method is to receive notifications based on the work item meeting a certain criteria.
  • To view the available rules as well as enable or disable them, go to the notifications page of the administration site. For more information, please see Editing User Profile.



How to unsubscribe

Unsubscribing from a notification can be done in two ways:

  1. Navigating to an item you are subscribed to and unchecking the notification checkbox.
    Notification-Checkedenlarge screenshot
  2. Clicking the unsubscribe link from a notification email.
    Notification-Unsubscribeenlarge screenshot