View Ideas & Feedback

You can get to all of the Feedback items by using the TeamPulse ribbon option, go to Ideas & Feedback > View Ideas & Feedback.

Getting to Ideas and Feedbackenlarge screenshot


The View Ideas & Feedback screen gives you a grid view of all your ideas, feedback, feature requests and problems. 


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When there are many feedback items in your grid, you can use the grouping feature to group by the type of the items in the grid (or use some other column). Drag the Type column header into the space above the headers and the grid will automatically group Ideas, Feedback, Feature Requests and Problems together.


Viewing Ideasenlarge screenshot


Filtering the Feedback Items

You can filter your Feedback items in many different ways. You can use the:

  1. Grid column filters
  2. Iteration filters
  3. Area filters
  4. Status filter
  5. Tag filter
  6. The Search box

For more information about using and customizing the filtering options, see the detailed section about filtering.



Below the Filters pane is the Assignments pane, where a list of  the areas and iterations are displayed. The assignments pane can be used to quickly assign all selected feedback items to the desired area or iteration, helping you categorize your items easily.

Assignment panelenlarge screenshot