Feedback Item Properties

Votes - Allows you to vote whether you like or dislike this idea, feedback, feature request, or problem.

There is a restriction on the number of times that you can vote for the particular feedback item. You can vote only once for like or dislike. In order to undo your vote you should select the same vote once again.

Also Likes and Dislikes columns can be added in the View Feedback and all votes will be represented there as well. It is not possible to edit votes there.


enlarge screenshot


Type - Allows you to specify the feedback item type -  idea, feedback, feature request, or problem.


Area - Areas can be very helpful for managing feedback items. You can create an area and assign similar feedback items to it. 


Iteration - The iteration dropdown shows you to what iteration the feedback item is assigned to.


Status - Allows you to give your feedback item a current state. The available statuses are:

  • Approved
  • Completed
  • Deleted
  • In Development
  • Merged
  • New
  • Rejected
  • Unscheduled


Size – Allows you to give a size to your feedback item. At this stage the ability to accurately judge the size of your item is difficult, so we use t-shirt sizing. The available sizes are:

  • Extra small (XS)
  • Small (S)
  • Medium Small (MS)
  • Medium (S)
  • Medium Large (ML)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)
  • Extra, Extra Large (XXL)


Source – You can record where the feedback item originated.