Edit a Feedback Item

You can edit an idea, feedback, feature request, or problem by clicking on it's associated icon in the grid - they are all associated with same icon. 

Edit feedback itemenlarge screenshot


You can also edit the values in the grid directly by double clicking on the corresponding field.

Editing in the Gridenlarge screenshot

Feedback Item Description

This is where you can enter the description of your feedback item. The description field allows you to enter rich text to better illustrate your feedback. You can now use the quick linking functionality to link a feedback item to stories and bugs. To find more about quick linking check Creating Relationships page.

Feedback detailsenlarge screenshot


Stories and Bugs Tabs

A feedback item can have many relationships with other entities. It can be related to stories, either already existing or created from inside this tab. It can also be related to bugs which may tell the development team that the feedback item implementation has some problems in it. In each tab, you can view, create or remove relationships.  

Relating Stories to an Ideaenlarge screenshot


Go to Creating Relationships for more information about creating those relationships, including restrictions and all of the places these relationships can be created.


Attachments Tab

Using the attachments tab you can attach files to your feedback item. After a file is attached it can also be downloaded or streamed to the browser using the grid. If attached some wrong or unneeded file, there is a Delete option as well.

Attachments tabenlarge screenshot


Links Tab

Use the links tab to add links to external content. When click on the 'Open URL' button in the grid the specified link will be opened in a new window.


Portal Description Tab

On this tab you can view and edit the description that is visible in the Ideas & Feedback Portal.


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Portal Comments Tab

This tab is used to view and delete comments made in the Ideas & Feedback Portal.  For more information about portal comments, see the section entitled Feedback Item Comments.


Portal Attachments Tab

This tab looks and feels the same as the attachments tab described above. It shows attachments that are visible in the Ideas and Feedback portal and allows licenced users to add/delete portal attachments. To delete portal attachments a user needs the Delete portal comments and attachments permission.