Create a Feedback Item

Creating ideas, capturing feedback, adding feature requests and defining problems is easy in TeamPulse. TeamPulse has one unified way to create feedback of these various types of items.

  1. Ideas, Feedback, Feature Requests and Problems can be created from inside a TeamPulse project. Go to the Ideas & Feedback -> Add New ribbon option.

    Creating Ideas and Feedbackenlarge screenshot
  2. After opening the Feedback item editable overlay you will see Properties tab. There is Type dropdown option which is by default set to "Feedback". When expand the dropdown you will see listed all Feedback item types - Idea, Feedback, Feature Request and Problem.

    Change item's typeenlarge screenshot
  3. Feedback item is created with the specified type. It's so easy!

  4. For quick creation of feedback item or for its deletion use icons exposed in the grid:

Create and delete items from the gridenlarge screenshot