View Bugs

You can view the bugs entered in the system by using the TeamPulse Ribbon – Bugs > View Bugs

view bugs buttonenlarge screenshot


Selecting View Bugs displays the Bug List View.

Bug List View

The Bug List View displays your bugs in a powerful grid view. This view allows you to sort, group, and filter to get the information you need.

bugs list viewenlarge screenshot


If you have permission to edit bugs, you can edit many of the bug details directly in the grid by simply clicking on the cell you wish to edit.

Bug Filtering

You can filter your bugs in many different ways. You can use the 

  1. Grid column filters
  2. Iteration filters
  3. Area filters
  4. Status filter
  5. Tag filter
  6. The search box

You can also apply predefined filtering views that have been previously saved by you or other team members - read more.

For more information about using and customizing the filtering options, see the detailed section about filtering.

bugs filtersenlarge screenshot