Activity Stream

The activity stream can be viewed in two modes within the TeamPulse xView: unpinned (default) and pinned.


When the activity stream is unpinned a small badge will appear near the TeamPulse logo in the upper-left area of the screen. 


Activity stream badge with no unread itemsenlarge screenshot


The number on the badge indicates the number of stream entries that have amassed since the last time you viewed the stream, and will change color to indicate the importance of the messages. A tool tip will appear on mouse-over indicating the individual count of flagged and unflagged items.


Activity stream badge with unread itemsenlarge screenshot


Clicking the badge will display the stream overlayed upon the existing page content. The stream can then be closed by clicking the badge or anywhere else outside the stream area.


Activity stream unpinnedenlarge screenshot




The activity stream can be pinned to the right side of the xView screen so that it is always visible. To pin the activity stream, open the stream in the unpinned view and then click the pin link.


Activity stream pinnedenlarge screenshot


When the activity stream is pinned, the notification badge icon will no longer appear. When new stream entries are detected the pinned stream will present a notification inline, which you can click to retrieve the latest unread entries.



Flagged items

In order to bring attention to items of greater importance, some items in the stream may appear as flagged. It is also possible to view flagged items exclusively, which can be accomplished by clicking the 'Only flagged' button.


Activity stream flagged itemenlarge screenshot



Work item changes

Items in the stream will often represent changes to work items within one of the projects you have access to. These entries will generally provide a description of the change along with a link to the item itself within TeamPulse. If permissible, a Comment link will be available which when clicked will allow you to directly comment on the item from the stream.


Activity stream work item changedenlarge screenshot



Shared messages

Shared messages represent comments made by other users directly into the activity stream, rather than attached to an individual work item within TeamPulse. These entries will indicated the author's name and the content they shared, along with a Reply link to facilitate conversation.


Activity stream shared messageenlarge screenshot


To share something new simply submit your desired content into the text area provided.


Activity stream post shared messageenlarge screenshot




Mentioning is the act of calling out a person in a shared message or comment and can be useful to bring something to their attention or to facilitate a conversation. To mention someone, type the @ symbol followed by their username.


To help you find the person you want to mention, as soon as the @ symbol is entered, a box appears below the input area that searches as you type. Once you've found the right person in the list, press Enter or Tab to select them, or select them with the mouse.


Activity stream mention searchenlarge screenshot




In order to provide a rich viewing experience, the activity stream supports a subset of Markdown syntax that can be used to enhance your content when submitting shared messages or comments. The supported features are as follows:


Example Result 


This is **important** text This is important text
  This is __important__ text  


This is *important* text This is important text
  This is _important_ text  


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