Activity Stream Tips & Tricks

The following sections walk through some useful abilities of the activity stream that may not be immdiately obvious when you first start using it.

Conversations via shared messages

Using the shared messages feature, it's very easy to send a message out to team members, and even single them out by mentioning them. Each shared message in the stream includes a Reply link which when clicked, starts a new message that automatically mentions the author and all the people they mentioned (excluding yourself).  In this way, you can carry on a conversation and be sure that nobody will be left out.

Reply to shared messageenlarge screenshot



Conversations via comments

The activity stream allows you to directly comment on work item events and even reply to those comments. This can make it very convenient to not only have a conversation about a work item, but also to have that conversation saved in the comments section of that item. The full conversation history can then be viewed in the Comments tab of the TeamPulse client.


The following examples illustrate some of the different behaviors of the Comment and Reply features.


Event   Action and Result

Work item changed or added

Activity stream work item changedenlarge screenshot

  Comment - Message is added to work item's comments.

Comment added

Reply to work item commentenlarge screenshot

  Reply - Message is added to work item's comments.

Feedback portal visible item is changed or added 

Comment on feedbackenlarge screenshot

  Comment - Message is added to feedback's comments

  Post a portal comment - Message is added feedback's portal comments


Portal comment added

Reply to feedback commentenlarge screenshot

  Reply - Message is added to feedback's portal comments



Mentioning via comments outside of the activity stream

Although there is currently no UI for choosing a user to mention, if you already know the username of the person you want to mention, you can mention someone from anywhere that comments can be entered, including the TeamPulse client and the Feedback Portal.


For instance, if you are commenting on a story in the TeamPulse client, you can mention someone by typing @username in the comment input area.

Mention from TeamPulse clientenlarge screenshot