Submit New Feedback Items from the Feedback Portal


If the portal extension is unlicensed this functionality will be disabled on the portal instance you are using. In that case a banner with additional information will be displayed on each page of the portal - learn more about licensing the portal extension.

Only registered and logged in users are allowed to submit new items in the Ideas&Feedback portal - learn more about registering in the portal.


The process of submitting new feedback items is designed in a way that users are encouraged to search for already existing items and submit new ones only when no items match the search string.

 submit items initial viewenlarge screenshot

How to submit new feedback item?

Go to the home page (or any page that displays a list with items) of the project's portal.  Click the "Suggest New" button above the search form. In the field bellow start describing what your suggestion is. While you type, the site will show a list with existing items that match the keywords in your description. 

search for similar itemsenlarge screenshot

In case there are existing items that are close enough to your suggestion, it is recommended to either vote for or comment on the already existing item instead of creating a new item. That could prevent from bloating the system with duplicate items.

In case there are no matches that are close enough to your idea or feedback, you can proceed by clicking the "Submit a New One" button shown under the search field.

Clicking on the "Submit a New One" button expands an area containing the fields required to submit new item. Some of these fields are already conveniently filled up with the information you have already provided:

  1. Title of the item is filled up with the search string you already entered.
  2. Type of the item is filled up with the default feedback type for the project unless you have filtered by type from the menu on the left - in this case it will be the type you have filtered by.
  3. There is also an optional field where you could enter some text to describe your idea or feedback in details. This text will be visible for all the portal users.
  4. Attach files to this feedback item by clicking on the "Attach Files..." button and selecting all the files you want to attach. For more information see Using Attachments in the Feedback Portal enter new item detailsenlarge screenshot
  5. Submit private feedback (this option is visible only if submitting private feedback is allowed) if you submit an item as private only you will see it in the portal and it will be invisible for the other portal users.
     Privateenlarge screenshot

When you are done click on the "Submit" button on the bottom of the form to submit your item or click the "Cancel" button to cancel the operation.

In case the item is successfully submitted you will be redirected to "your items" view where you can see the newly created items on top of the list.

navigated to your items after submitenlarge screenshot 


Once a feedback item is submitted it cannot be edited or deleted from the portal's interface.