Before leaving feedback in the portal you need to log in and before logging in you may need to register an account first.  There are two ways to register: one is with your Windows credentials and the other is with a username and password that is unique to TeamPulse.



The credentials you use for TeamPulse and for the portal are the same.  For instance, if you are an existing user of the TeamPulse instance the portal is associated with, you do not need to register and can log in to the portal using your current TeamPulse credentials.



Windows Credentials

You should choose the Windows credentials option if TeamPulse is part of your company’s domain.


To register using your Windows log on credentials, perform the following steps:


  1. Open the Log On dialog by clicking the Log On link in the top right corner.

    Log on linkenlarge screenshot

  2. Select the Windows Credentials tab.
  3. Click Login using Windows Credentials
    • The browser will try to get your Windows credentials and may prompt you to type them in.
    • If the Windows account you entered is already registered you will simply be logged in and no further registration steps will be required.

      Log in windows accountenlarge screenshot

  4. If you successfully logged in and there was no existing TeamPulse user for this Windows account, you will be prompted for a bit more information.  Some of this information may already be pre-populated for you.
  5. Click Create your Account to complete the registration process.




You should choose the username/password option if you are not an existing TeamPulse user, TeamPulse is not part of your company’s domain, or the Windows credentials option does not work.


To create a new account to use with TeamPulse, perform the following steps:


  1. Click the Create an account link in the top right corner to open the registration form in a dialog.
    • You can also click the Register link beside the Log in button of the Username/Password tab.

      Log on linkenlarge screenshot

  2. Fill in the fields of the registration form (all fields are required) and click Create your account to complete the process.
    • Usernames and email addresses must be unique in TeamPulse and you will be notified if either of the values you put in these fields is already in use.

      Log on linkenlarge screenshot