You can use the available filters to reduce the number of feedback items you see which can help you find the item you are searching for. In the left side, by default, you are offered the following filters:

  • all items - shows all items sorted by selected sort criteria.
  • ideas, feedback, feature requests, problems - shows all feedback items by the selected type.
  • your items - items you’ve created.
  • items you follow - feedback items you have commented or voted on.

enlarge screenshot


You can refine the shown items further more using the status filter:

Filter by statusenlarge screenshot

By default the "all not done" option is selected. It includes only items from Unexecuted and In Progress status groups. All used statuses are shown below so users can see items in a particular status only. The number in the brackets shows how many items are in that state. Feedback items' statuses can be modified from the project settings. You can find out more about project settings - here.


You can find out more about feedback types - here.