Manage Ideas & Feedback Portal Settings

TeamPulse users with "modify portal settings" permission have the ability to change the portal visibility, customize portal look, add/remove private users to the private portal and allow submitting private feedback from the portal. By default "modify portal settings" permission is set as part of project administrator group.


Disabled portalenlarge screenshot


Each TeamPulse project is presented in one of the following states on the Ideas & Feedback portal:

1. Portal is disabled. This mean that the project will not be accessible from the Ideas & Feedback Portal.


2. Portal is public. Your project will be on the Ideas & Feedback Portal and everybody who knows the url can see it, submit a new item, vote or comment for an item.


Public portalenlarge screenshot

You can copy the url and send it to your stakeholders.


3. Portal is private. Your project will be on the portal but people will be prompt to log in and will only be able to see items if they are granted portal access for the particular project. 


private portalenlarge screenshot


When you select "Portal is private" in the grid below you will see all users registered in TeamPulse. Users that are project members have Portal Access by default. The non Project Members need  the right "Portal Access" to be able to see items on that portal.

Inviting users to the private portal

We recommend the following workflow:

  1. Send a link for the project on the portal to the user
  2. User goes to the link and register on the portal
  3. User notifies you that he has an account with username "X"
  4. Project Administrator open the Portal Settings page, find the user and check the Portal Access.

Portal Customizations

When the project is published on the Ideas & Feedback Portal, users with "modify portal settings" can also customize portal look for the particular project - change portal logo; main colors; add custom css. They can also edit private feedback settings.

Customize buttonenlarge screenshot


By clicking on the "Customize" button, you will be redirected to a page where you can customize your portal.

For further information about portal customizations read Customize Portal


Configuring Ideas & Feedback Portal from the Administration site